7 Common Foods with Palm Oil to Stop Eating

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What is Palm Oil?

Palm oil is a vegetable oil high in saturated fat from the palm tree Elaeis guineesis

Why is Palm Oil Used?

Palm oil is cheap and versatile, found in over half of all packaged products

Why is Palm Oil Harmful?

Linked to heart disease; can cause cancer when processed at high temperatures


Palm oil is used in bread for its solid texture and cost-effectiveness

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Frozen Desserts

"Frozen dessert" labels indicate the use of vegetable oil, often palm oil, instead of milk

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Potato Chips

Many chips in India use palm oil; US versions use sunflower, corn, or canola oil

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Instant Noodles

Palm oil is used to pre-cook noodles, requiring only hot water to prepare

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Indian biscuit brands use palm oil for a creamy texture and taste

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Palm oil gives chocolate a smooth, shiny look and prevents melting

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Health Gummies

Chewable vitamins for hair or skin might be made with unhealthy palm oil

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Read the Label

Check ingredients, not just the packaging, to avoid palm oil in products

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