7 Food Combinations to Avoid as per Ayurveda

Milk and Fruits

Combining milk with fruits can cause digestive issues and disrupt the body's balance

Yogurt and Fish

Eating yogurt with fish can create toxins in the body and lead to digestive problems

Honey and Hot Water

A glass of warm water & honey on empty stomach is a common weight loss hack.  However, Ayurveda does not advise use of honey in any heated form.

Banana and Milk

While bananas are relatively heavy and cooling, milk is considered heavy and heating. Combining these opposing qualities can create an imbalance in the digestive process

Melons and Other Foods

Melons should be eaten alone, as combining them with other foods can cause digestive issues

Radish and Milk

Combining radish with milk can create imbalances and disrupt digestion according to Ayurvedic principles

Lemon and Milk

Mixing lemon with milk can cause curdling and digestive discomfort