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A lot has been said and talked about Disease X off late. Here at Health Views Online we bring you 5 facts about this mysterious unknown disease that we know so far from WHO and experts.

1. What Exactly is this Mysterious Disease X?

‘Disease X’ is a name given by the World Health Organization (WHO) to talk about a disease we don’t know yet but could cause big trouble in the future. It’s not a specific illness, just a name for a possible new disease. They started using this term in 2018, after the Ebola and Zika outbreaks, to remind everyone to be ready for any new disease. (Refer – WHO)

2. It is a Placeholder for an Unknown Pathogen

Disease X is not caused by a specific germ or virus that we know of. It’s a placeholder for an unknown pathogen that could lead to a future epidemic. This means it could be a new virus or bacteria that scientists haven’t discovered yet.

3. The Scary Part – The X Disease is More Dangerous than Covid-19

A smart health expert named Dame Kate Bingham, who led the UK’s work on vaccines in 2020, is worried. She says ‘Disease X’ could be much more dangerous than Covid-19. It might make 20 times more people sick, maybe around 50 million! She describes it like this: Think of ‘Disease X’ like measles (which spreads easily) and Ebola (very deadly). Somewhere, it might be already starting, and someone might get sick soon. (Refer PMCID:¬†PMC8367867)

4. No Special Vaccines Yet

Right now, there’s no special medicine for ‘Disease X.’ Bingham says we need scientists to hurry up and make different kinds of medicines for all kinds of diseases. Even if we start a bit early, it could help us fight this dangerous new disease.

5. These Come From the World of Viruses We Haven’t Met

Scientists found 25 groups of viruses with thousands of different viruses, but there are many more viruses we don’t even know about. This shows why we have to be ready for new sicknesses from these viruses we haven’t met yet. (Refer – United Nations)

6. Ongoing Research

Scientists and health experts around the world are actively researching and monitoring diseases to identify potential candidates for Disease X. This ongoing surveillance is essential for early detection and response.

7. The Price of Waiting Will be Expensive

Bingham says we should spend money to get ready for ‘Disease X.’ Not getting ready can be really bad. Just look at what happened with Covid-19. Even though it’s not as bad as the unknown pathogen, it did cost a lot of money, around $16 trillion in lost work and healthcare bills.

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Stay informed as we learn more about this strange new health challenge, and let’s be ready for whatever comes our way. For more such news on Health Views Online, explore Health News.