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Forget doctors, an apple a day can actually keep your excess weight away. Yes, because, this weight-loss-friendly fruit, the one that you have known right from the time you started learning the alphabet can help you lose weight. That’s right, there is a special healthy association between apples and weight loss apart from the fact that they have numerous health benefits against several health conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and also various gut health issues.

Apples are High in Water, Low in Calorie Density

A medium-sized apple comprises a good quantity of water – 86%. Quite filling, it not just reduces calorie intake but also lowers the calorie density of the food. Several studies have shown that fruits with a good quantity of water promote fullness, reduces calorie, and helps in weight loss even in obese adults (Source).

apples have high water content

Apples have Weight-loss-friendly Fiber in Good Quantity

A medium sized apple have about 2.4g of dietary fiber – making it an excellent source of fiber in one’s daily life. Studies have shown that when you consume foods with high fiber, it helps you to eat lower calories which then helps in losing weight. Besides, fibres are known to improve your gut health that can aid weight loss and metabolic health. (Source)

apples can help you lose weight

Apples and Weight Loss: They Can Be a Part of the Diabetic Diet

Apples are a great choice for obese adults having diabetes but are looking to lose weight. With high fiber content along with potent antioxidants and polyphenols, they can be a healthy and delicious part of a diabetes diet. Having a low glycemic index helps in controlling blood sugar levels and also in balancing the same, thus helping in weight management. A low LG diet plays a vital role in preventing diabetes along with some cancer and heart disease. (Source)

apples for obese diabetes patients

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Apples are Filling and Come With a Lot of Nutritional Value

One of the biggest advantages of consuming apples is that when you eat 100g of Apple (a medium-sized one), it helps reduces your appetite as it contains the following nutrients (Source) –

apples and weight loss

Water – 85.8g

Energy – 57 kcal

Protein – 0.28g

Dietary Fiber – 2.4g

Calcium – 6mg

Phosphorus – 10mg

Potassium – 100mg

Iron – 0.13mg

Magnesium -5mg

Sodium – 2mg

Zinc -0.04mg

Vitamin B-6 – 0.051mg

Thiamin – 0.018mg

Riboflavin – 0.026mg

Niacin – 0.094mg

Folate – 3µg

Pantothenic Acid – 0.074mg

Choline – 5.1mg

Vitamin A – 3µg

Beta Carotene – 25µg

Vitamin E – 0.18mg

Vitamin K – 1.8µg

Apples and weight loss have been effective not from studies and research points of view but also because dieticians prescribe it as a healthy snack to reduce appetite and thereby lose weight as it is a rich source of fiber, antioxidants, and quite low calories. What’s more, an apple can also lower your overeating habits.

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