chia seeds health benefits supported by science
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Small yet big on minerals and nutrients, Chia seeds are flaunted for their health benefits for centuries, now that they were part of ancient Maya and Aztec diets. Yes, they are native to Central America, and ever since ancient civilization they have been viewed as highly nutritious. Interestingly, their medicinal properties are also backed by researchers. Let’s check out Chia seeds health benefits supported by science.

Chia Seeds are Good for Digestion

Have digestion, gastrointestinal, or constipation issues? Chia seeds are the solution as it is enriched with fiber, an excellent agent to bring a stop to all three problems. One serving of 33gm provides about 10g of fiber (Source). Interestingly, the daily require of fiber is 25 to 30g.

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Chia Seeds Health Benefits Supported by Science: It is an Excellent Source of Antioxidant that aid Heart Health

Chia seeds contain quercetin, an antioxidant that can reduce the risk of developing several heart conditions, including heart diseases. Apart from quercetin these seeds also contain other antioxidants like caffeic acid and chlorogenic acid that assist your body to fight free radicals, known to cause oxidative stress, cell damage, and diseases like heart disease, cognitive loss, and cancer. (Source)

chia seeds benefits for heart health

Good for Bones

Chia seeds have several nutrients that are vital for bone health, including calcium, and magnesium. A single ounce of chia seeds offers 18% of your daily calcium requirement, which is essential for bone, muscle, and nerve health. Yes, they offer a good quantity of calcium and come with 0 sugar and 0 cholesterol.

High protein content

These seeds are a good source of protein. In 100g, they contain 16.5g of protein by weight, which is very high when compared to most plants. They also have a decent mix of important amino acids. Chia seeds are an excellent source of protein and can be a great evening snack – providing the required protein for your body.

health benefits of chia seeds

Good for Diabetes

As we all know chia seeds are high in fiber they tend to reduce insulin resistance and blood sugar levels, dropping your risk of metabolic syndrome. This stands true for post-meal blood sugar level hikes. (Source)

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Contains Good Fats – They are full of Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids

In 100g of chia seeds, you get 17.83g of heart-healthy omega-3 and 5.84g of omega-6 fatty acids. They are considered the best plant-based source of these fatty acids. Omega-3 is super important as they have a wide range of benefits, from fighting depression and improving sleep, to reducing the risk of heart. While omega-6 regulates metabolism, takes care of your bone health, stimulates your hair as well as skin, and maintains your reproductive system.

nutrition value of chia seeds

Yes, Chia seeds are nutritious and can be easily incorporated into your daily meal routine.

Let’s check out the nutrition facts and nutritious values of Chia seeds – Portion 100g

Protein – 16.5g

Fiber – 34.4g

Sugar, Cholesterol – 0 (That’s quite a thing!)

Water – 6%

Phosphorus – 860mg

Calcium – 631mg

Potassium – 407mg

Magnesium – 335mg

Iron – 7.72mg

Zinc – 4.58mg

Manganese – 2.72mg

Copper – 0.924mg

Besides, it also contains Vitamin C, Niacin, Selenium, Riboflavin, Thiamin, Folate, and other minerals in traces. (Source)

These are some of the Chia Seeds health benefits supported by science. Want to avail of the benefits, do indulge it in your diet on a daily basis.

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