kalmegh health benefits
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The herb Kalmegh (Andrographis paniculata) is sometimes referred to as “Green Chiretta” and “King of Bitters.” It tastes harsh but there are a variety of Kalmegh health benefits and medical uses.

It is mostly used for liver issues because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which guard the liver against damage produced by free radicals. Due to its antibacterial and immunomodulatory qualities, Kalmegh also promotes immunity and is used to treat the symptoms of the common cold, sinusitis, and allergies. Because Kalmegh effectively lowers blood sugar levels by boosting insulin secretion, it may be beneficial for diabetics. By enlarging the blood vessels and boosting blood flow, it also aids in the control of blood pressure.

The Health Benefits of using Kalmegh

Kalmegh Benefits as an Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory herb.

In addition to perhaps acting as a pain reliever, kalmegh may help lessen bleeding and swelling. The activity of the adrenal glands in kalmagh may have a role in mediating some of its anti-inflammatory effects. Additionally, to find relief from pain and inflammation, speak with your doctor.

Kalmegh may not be an antibiotic replacement, but it may have a complementing effect when used in conjunction with antibiotics to treat a variety of infections. It may be beneficial for a number of diseases, including colds, flu, upper respiratory infections, throat infections, and fever. However, before taking Kalmegh for any infection, it is imperative that you speak with your doctor. (source) 

How is Kalmegh Used in Treating Cancer?

It is thought that Kalmegh has a cancerolytic effect, fighting and possibly even killing cancer cells. It’s possible that Kalmegh extract will improve immune system operations. According to studies, Kalmegh has the potential to be effective against a range of infectious and cancer-causing substances since it triggers two different immune responses. 

The National Cancer Institute classifies Kalmegh as a cytotoxic chemical as a result of this property. Additionally, it can be less hazardous than the majority of chemotherapeutic drugs. While Kalmegh has potential as a cancer treatment, further research is required to determine which cancer types respond to it. (source) 

Kalmegh Health Benefits in the Treatment of Filaria

Extracts from kalmegh may be useful for treating filaria, a condition in which a lymphatic channel obstruction causes a noticeable swelling known as elephantiasis. It might not appear to have any harmful effects, Although the precise effects of kalmegh on filaria are unknown, you should still seek medical advice. (source) 

Kalmegh Helps in the Treatment of Malaria.

An antimalarial component of Kalmegh extract is recognized to have an action against Plasmodium berghei (a malaria-transmitting parasite). It was discovered that its effects were even better than those of antimalarial medication. It might be more successful because it prevents the parasite that spreads malaria from doing so. Additional research can confirm this impact of Kalmegh.

Kalmegh helps in treating brain disorders

Additionally, kaempfe may support the maintenance of the brain’s blood and oxygen supply. Therefore, it might be useful in lowering the likelihood of forgetfulness, poor mental performance, lightheadedness, migraines, depression, and ringing in the ears. However, further research is required to confirm these outcomes, and it is crucial to speak with a physician before using Kalmegh for any purpose. (source) 

Kamlesh improves digestion

Due to its laxative qualities, Kalmegh aids in the removal of feces, which aids in enhancing digestion. Additionally, it is choleretic (helps bile’s characteristics and significantly increases bile flow), which facilitates digestion.

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Properties of Kalmegh that can Lead you Towards a Healthier Life

  • Ayurveda claims that consuming Kalmegh churna frequently assists in managing stress.
  • Kalmegh has properties that will undoubtedly help you live a healthier life.
  • It might have the ability to increase immunity. 
  • It might possess antithrombotic qualities that could lower the danger of blood clots. 
  • It might be able to treat typhoid. It might possess anti-malarial qualities.
  •  It might have antibacterial qualities. It could have liver-protective qualities.
  •  It might have anti-inflammatory properties.(source)

Precautions you Should take Before using Kalmegh :

It is advised that women avoid using the drug while they are pregnant as a precaution. The safety of kalmegh in pregnant or nursing women has not been thoroughly investigated. Kalmegh’s safety in children and the elderly have not been studied. As a result, it should only be consumed with a doctor’s approval and guidance. (source) 

Kalmegh Side effects:

  • When used excessively, kalmegh may have some adverse effects, such as, yet when used moderately, kalmegh may be safe.
  • High doses of kalmegh extract may cause drowsiness and decreased activity.
  • Due to the large dosage, some individuals may experience allergic reactions from kalmegh, ranging from minor skin rashes to the potentially fatal allergic reaction known as anaphylaxis.
  • The pregnancy may be terminated by kalmegh due to its potential pregnancy-terminating effects. Because it delays ovulation and decreases sperm count
  • it exhibits an antifertility impact. It inhibits the formation of progesterone, according to studies.

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