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A plastic water tank is a huge asset – After all, it can provide us with water 24×7. Besides, they are lightweight, leak-proof, rustproof, maintenance-free, durable, and economical. Interestingly, they also come for cheap and have been in use for decades now. However, while they are good at several things, they are terrible when it comes to our health. Yes, you heard that right – the black/white plastic tanks placed on your terrace are not safe for your health and specifically if you are drinking that water.

How Can Plastic Water Tank Harm your Health?


No matter what the manufacturers claim, most plastic tanks are not safe even if they are made from 100% Virgin plastic or have food-grade plastics. Besides, the cheap ones don’t even have that much safety and contain toxic chemicals.

And when exposed to strong heat, high temperature, and UV rays, there is a transfer or leakage of chemicals from the plastics into the water. So, during the summer when the temperature moves around 40 degrees, the chemical in the plastic (even that of food-grade plastic) starts to melt and mix with the water. Moreover, plastics also modify the physical properties of water.

This is how plastic water tanks through leaching harm your health as the water contains plastic particles or fibers.

Elevated Copper Levels

Besides, if you have a plastic water tank and copper plumbing pipes in your home, there is a huge risk that you might have elevated copper levels in your water. Dissolved copper in drinking water can cause headaches, gastric problems, and in severe cases cirrhosis of the liver. So, if your water is starting to taste bitter or metallic it is time to check the Ph level as well as copper level.

Algae Growth

Another reason why plastic storage tanks can be quite harmful is because of the growth of algae owing to the excess sunlight.  Warm water is the breeding ground for algae and can commence on the sidewall of tanks. Now, when you and your family or even your pets drink this water, you are prone to fall extremely ill.

Plastic Water Tanks Disadvantages on Health

Some of the most common health-related issues that are noticed due to the above ill-effects and disadvantages of plastic storage tanks are as under:

  1. Asthma
  2. Endocrine system damage
  3. Liver damage
  4. Gastric problems
  5. Frequent headaches
  6. It affects the reproductive system in females
  7. Cancer
  8. Skin diseases

So, What Can Be Done Now? How Can you Minimize Health Hazards from Plastic Water Tank?

Go with Cement Water Tanks – If you can construct a cement water tank, that’s the best way to go – totally plastic-free.

High-Quality Plastic Tanks – However, if cement water tank seems not so possible right now, try to purchase plastic water tanks that are using 100% virgin plastic and are three-layered. Before buying, check the specification ad go with the product features and not the price.

Your Installation Place is Important – When you install the tank, ensure the installation is in a place that might not have direct sunlight on it. The less the sunlight the better it is

Go for White and Not Black – The color black absorbs the most heat and white the least.

Besides, you need to clean the tank timely and if possible, replace the plastic water tanks with cement water tanks. That’s the healthy way to go.

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