Health Problems in Women After 40
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When it comes to health, age is not just a number but accountability and a reminder to tend to your body dutifully especially if you are a woman. After all, with passing time there is a lot of health risk that can bother a woman. Here, check out the top 5 health problems in women after 40!


Older women, white and Asian women both, who are past their menopause are at the highest risk of Osteoporosis – especially those that have thyroid problems. It is a condition where your bones become weak and brittle. It occurs when your new bone cannot keep up with the loss of your old bone.

Common Symptoms – Back Pain, Knee Pain, Stooped Posture

Risk Factor – People who already have medical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, kidney or liver disease, IBS, or a sedentary lifestyle.

Prevention – Regular exercise and good nutrition i.e., maintaining a proper level of Calcium and Vitamin D (it also helps to absorb Calcium and the health of your bone) in your body.

Vitamin Deficiency

Although Vitamin deficiency can happen at any age and time but as and when you grow old, it becomes all the more predominant. Also, after menopause, the need for B Vitamins like Vitamin B6, B9 (Folic Acid), and Vitamin B12 will increase. The three help with cognitive development, RBC and energy production, protein metabolism, and nervous system function. If your body has trouble absorbing these vitamins, you are likely to get anemia.

Common Symptoms – Fatigue, Muscle Weakness, Irregular Heartbeats, Weight Loss, Numbness

Risk Factor – People with intestinal problems, people who do not have a Vit-B12-rich diet.

Prevention – Eat food that is rich in Vit-B12 including egg, chicken, fish, and yogurt. Then food that is rich in folate includes broccoli, liver, spinach, oranges, lemon, enriched grain products, bananas, and strawberries.

Health Problems in Women After 40 – Breast Cancer

There are a lot of reasons why you could get breast cancer post 40 and over the years we have seen some of the fit women too becoming a victim of the same. However, the good part is that the survival rate has increased significantly. While, breast cancer can happen to anybody and everybody irrespective of their weight, diet, height, and genetic history, with early detection and prompt action it is easily treatable.

Heart Disease

As and when an elderly get chest pain on the left side, we begin to panic. Besides this, most women complain about pressure or tightness when it comes to heart attack along with other issues like sweating, shortness of breath, heartburn, fatigue, dizziness, pain in one or both arms etc.

Risk Factor – Diabetes, Stress, Depression, Inactivity, Inflammatory Diseases

Prevention – Women of all ages should seriously take care of their health on a regular basis especially those that have a family history of heart issues. Also, lead a healthy lifestyle that includes getting away with things that can increase the risk including smoking, alcohol, and stress. Besides, regular exercise and/or adding exercise to your daily routine can help significantly – taking stairs instead of a lift, riding a bicycle, jogging, yoga, etc.


Sudden numbness in hands, legs, one side of the body, difficulty talking, sudden confusion, difficulty walking, and severe headache can be the sudden signs of stroke and there you need to immediately rush the person to the hospital or call emergency.

Common Symptoms – trouble in seeing, dizziness, weakness in your limbs and face.

Risk Factor – stroke-related disability, impaired daily activities

Prevention – Quit smoking, eat a balanced diet, maintain a healthy weight, monitor blood pressure regularly, and do not skip your medicines.

stroke in women after 40

These are the most common five health problems in women after 40 especially osteoporosis. However, with a healthy regime, diet, and habits, you can manage them well. Also, it is very important that you conduct preventive healthcare check-ups and monitor your body regularly to catch all these problems at an early stage and live a happy and healthy life!  

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