manage pcos naturally
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Off late, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome aka PCOS seems to be so common that going by the statistics one in five Indian women suffers from this health condition.  Unfortunately, if it isn’t managed properly, it can have severe health impacts, from developing high blood pressure, and diabetes to causing several other health complications.

However, good thing is, if you are diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, you can manage PCOS at home too at your level while your doctor treats the syndrome based on your symptoms. With that positive note, let’s understand the disorder in detail –

What is PCOS?

First thing first, PCOS is not a disease but a hormonal disorder (a syndrome) in reproductive women. Some of the most common symptoms of this syndrome are delayed and irregular periods or no periods at all. Other symptoms might include frequent mood swings, sudden weight gain, dark spots on the skin, hair loss, and pelvic pain. Interestingly, many women suffering from PCOS might not know whether they are suffering from PCOS until they try to conceive or gain weight for no reason at all.

Although the exact cause is unknown, you may have a higher chance of PCOS if other females in your family tree are suffering from this condition. Yes, it is genetic.

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So, How Do You Manage PCOS Naturally at Home?

Honestly, when one of our team members started having multiple issues with her menses, we thought it was nothing serious. However, when things worsened, we realized how physically, mentally, and emotionally draining this women-only syndrome can be. While she consulted with a gynaec and started her treatment certain natural remedies helped her to manage PCOS better in a much more effective way. Here we share a few of them –

You Really Need to Change Your Diet

A healthy diet full of nutrition can drastically reduce the symptom of PCOS. So, avoid oily food, high-calorie food, or foods that contain preservatives. Preferable healthy choices can be involving fibrous food, whole grains, green veggies, fruits, and beans in your diet.

You can also include special food items in your diet sometimes, that can help you tackle PCOS all the more effectively like Tulsi leaves, flax seeds, amla, and fenugreek leaves.

Break Away from Coffee

If you are a die-hard fan of coffee, now is the time to eliminate that from your daily habit as caffeine has a very bad effect on intestinal hormones. We know it is hard, but then not as difficult as going through the emotional, physical, and mental trauma that PCOS brings.

Balanced Workout Sessions

Regular exercises can help you maintain a good weight. Moreover, it will energize you keeping your healthy hormones active. However, please ensure that you maintain a balance without overdoing anything. Inadequate or excessive workout sessions can have adverse effects on your body. You can do yoga, go for walk, swim, do Zumba, and/or do anything that can keep you physically active and healthy.

Drink Enough Water

Please keep yourself hydrated by drinking sufficient water throughout the day. If you are the one who gets too bored of water then you can often replace it with detox water, juices, etc. However, if you have PCOS, avoid hard and soft drinks at all costs.

Good Sleep Is Necessary

The better your sleep is, the better you can manage your stress, anxiety, overthinking, and other things that can further create issues in your body. So, please ensure you sleep well. If you have trouble sleeping, you can always meditate before going to sleep or hear some soothing music.

Yes, PCOS is traumatizing and painful syndrome to be suffering from, but then one can manage PCOS naturally at home too along with the doctor’s treatment, just the way my sister and several Indian women are doing.

Are you suffering from PCOS too? Well, keep calm and follow a healthy regime – Honestly, you can manage PCOS just like so many women out there.