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The condom accidentally broke?

Did he lie about sporting it?

You were so turned on that you didn’t find out?

Then, it’s far a time to fear, but lightly. Don’t panic. Breathe in, breathe out. After the abortion bans within the U.S., ladies are becoming aware of many things, they took so gently. So, what to do, in case you had unprotected intercourse or in case of condom failure?

Immediately – Clean your Sexual parts

Nicely, first of all, visit the restroom at once and clean your sexual components, asap, to save yourself from urinary tract infections. Easy yourself with lukewarm water or actual water. But no, soaps or cleaning merchandise. It is able to cause inflammation. It’s far to take away any semen or vaginal fluids getting into the body. It is able to reason high risks of being pregnant. Which is why we are reading this text.

Within 72 hours – Consume a Contraceptive Pill

To prevent yourself from conceiving or getting pregnant, take a contraceptive tablet (Pills like I-pill) from the pharmacy straight away. An unplanned pregnancy can lead to many unwanted issues that can further have various consequences and affect you mentally, socially, and economically too.


Partner Prevention when you had unprotected intercourse or in case of condom failure

If it becomes a penis in vagina intercourse, then washing isn’t enough. The semen has to swim right into the uterus. You may have an STI. Take a look at, if the accomplice is new, to save you or defend yourself from HIV and STD. If it was your very own associate, it’s far higher to visit deliberate Parenthood and ask them for help. However, it’s always the quality of apprehending what your body appears like. Sadness, tension, and melancholy can cause your frame to experience torpid and more prone in case you absolutely turn out to be pregnant.

Upto 5 days – Emergency IUD – Copper IUD

To prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex, you also have the option of having a copper IUD upto 5 days. It protects ladies of all sizes and shapes, even those who are above over 70kg. It is the closing choice that can prevent you from being pregnant. (Source

3 Weeks later – The pregnancy check

In case you sense that you haven’t had periods at the proper time, maybe it’s time to start dealing with the records.  At 3rd week, precisely after 2 weeks, you may have pregnancy sticks from the drugstore or from any e-commerce website (Yes, you get pregnancy sticks online too!). The ‘take a look’ can be achieved with the aid of your nearest gynaec, or from deliberate Parenthood.

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3 Months Later

As a precaution and to instill confidence, it is always a wise idea to make sure you test for  STIs again after sex without a condom. 

There is a recommendation for retests after 3 and 6 months in the case of syphilis in particular, and it is recommended that retests be done after prescribed antibiotics. 

Until Next Time

Until next time, you’ll be conscious enough to not let those things happen to you again. You’re now educated on that topic and try to  “say-no” and to stop, or ask your partner whether or not they wear a condom or do something, to prevent pregnancy, like a vasectomy or sterility. Best, you can wear a female condom. 

So, these are the things you need to do after unprotected Intercourse or Condom Failure