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Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia)) is one of the most widely used herbs that are quite frequently used in Ayurveda medicines. Interestingly, this herb has been utilized as a folk remedy to treat numerous illnesses. Perhaps this is the reason why it became so popular during the Covid-19 pandemic. Giloy, giloi or guduchi is known by the name of “Amrita” in Sanskrit which translates to “the source of immortality.” Here in this article, let us explore all about Giloy – The benefits of giloy, health facts, ingredients, uses, precautions and also side-effects

Giloy: Nutritional Value, Ingredients and Compounds

Research studies have found that Giloe contains low fat (3.1%), high fiber (15.9%), high potassium, (0.845%), protein (4.5%-11.2%), carbohydrate (61.66%), high chromium (0.006%), calcium (0.131%) and iron (0.28%).

Similarly, the Guduchi Satva which is the starch obtained from the stem core is highly digestive, and nutritive, and can be used in curing various diseases. ‘Guduchi-Satva’ formulation used in Ayurveda is quite rich in nutrients as it contains dietary fibers (0.16g/100 g), Fe (9.7 mg/100 g), Ca (70 mg/100 g), energy contents (288.8 cal/100 g), fat (0.14 g/100 g), and protein (0.64g/100 g). (Source)

Giloi or Guduchi contains several advantageous plant chemicals that are dispersed all over the plant, which contributes to its wide range of uses and possible health advantages. Researchers have identified four major classes of compounds in giloy such as (Source)

  • Terpenoids
  • Alkaloids
  • Lignans
  • Steroids

Terpenoid compounds are biologically active substances in plants. They contribute to the flavor, taste, and color of plants. Besides, going by the laboratory studies, they have antibacterial, antiviral, anticancer, and antidiabetic effects. (Source)

Alkaloids are the organic nitrogen compound in plants that acts as a defense mechanism against pathogens and several diseases. Many different legal drugs are created using plant alkaloids as a basis. e 


health benefits of giloy

Giloy Benefits in Controlling Dengue Fever

Guduchi or Giloy possesses qualities that are anti-inflammatory, antipyretic (which lowers fever), and anti-inflammatory. The alkaloids in it raise the platelet count that usually goes down in a person that is infected with dengue fever (Source). Boosting the platelets and the immune system, Giloy helps in controlling dengue fever if and when consumed properly.

Giloy and Breast Cancer

According to several ongoing studies in India and abroad, Giloy may be helpful in treating brain tumours and cancer, especially breast cancer due to its anti-proliferative qualities. Well, the rutin and quercetin found in Giloy limit breast cancer cells’ ability to grow and develop. Additionally, it causes apoptosis (cell death) in breast cancer cells. (Source, Source 2)

Giloy Health Facts: The Herb Can Control High Cholesterol Levels

By increasing metabolism and getting rid of the body’s pollutants that cause high cholesterol, giloy aids in the control of high cholesterol levels. Because of its Deepan (appetiser), Pachan (digestive), and Rasayana (rejuvenating) qualities, this is the case.

Benefits of Giloy for Alcoholics and People With Liver Diseases

By using Guduchi Satwa, an Ayurvedic remedy made from Giloy, liver damage brought on by an excessive intake of alcohol can be treated. It works by reducing the level of liver total cholesterol. Additionally, it increases the level of antioxidant enzymes (minimizes free radical damage) and oxidative-stress indicators, consequently improving overall liver function.

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Giloy Health Advantages for Diarrhea

Due to its Pachan (digestive) characteristics, Giloy aids in reducing issues with digestion such as indigestion, hyperacidity, and gas.

Tip: Scoop out ¼ to ½ teaspoon of Giloy powder. Add to 1 glass of warm water and thoroughly stir. Consume it following lunch and dinner.

Precautions While Using Giloy

  • If you have autoimmune disorders like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, or multiple sclerosis, you should avoid taking Giloy since it may make your immune system more active, which could make your symptoms worse.
  • If you are allergic to Giloy, only use it or its components with a doctor’s approval. Due to a lack of reliable scientific data, avoid using Giloy medicinally during pregnancy.
  • Avoid using medicinal Giloy during breastfeeding as there is a lack of scientific evidence.
  • Giloy is safe when taken as directed and for a brief period of time.

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How to Use Giloy to get the Health Benefits?

 As a Juice

Take a couple of teaspoons of Giloy juice. Include the same amount of water. Drink it once or twice before meals and strengthen your immune system.

As Giloy Satva

Use just one pinch of Giloy Satva. Combine it with honey and consume it twice daily after a meal for effective liver disorder relief.

As Giloy Churna 

Scoop up a half-teaspoon of Giloy churna. Add honey to it or swill it with warm water. Preferably take it twice daily, right after meals.

These are some of the benefits of Giloy along with its health advantages, uses nutritional value, and precautions. To know more about such Ayurvedic herbs, explore Healthy Herbs.