dog health problems in rainy season
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Rainy season might be a lot of fun for many but it isn’t the same for your furry friends, whether they stay indoors with a family or outdoors with their pack. Well, because the rain brings a lot of health problems that dogs can encounter. While some of these might just a nuisance, others could be life threatening and would require immediate care. Here’s a Health Views list of the most common health problems of dogs with symptoms along with home remedies to treat health problems in dogs during monsoon. This one goes out to all the pet parents especially those who are feeders and foster street dogs in India.

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Ticks and Fleas in Dogs

Ticks and fleas are the most vexing parasites that thrive in warm, humid weather. They are to blame for a wide range of dangerous diseases in pets. They most commonly cause tick fever, flea bite allergies, or flea allergic dermatitis, which necessitates proactive treatment with spot-ons and sprays. Tick fever can also cause kidney failure in severe cases. 

Ticks and Fleas Symptoms in Dogs

Itching and scratching around the head and ears. Tick or flea bites can cause red spots on your dog’s skin. Flea dirt signs (black-brown powdery substance in the fur) Observing a tick anywhere in your house (yes, even a single one) 

Ticks and Fleas Treatment of Dogs 

Any warm, soapy water will kill fleas, so dishwashing soap or any dog shampoo will kill the fleas on your pet. If fleas are in the area, though, they’ll jump back on. Be careful if you do buy a medicated shampoo. Some products for dogs can kill cats

Home Remedies of Ticks and Fleas in Dogs

Rose geranium oil, which can be applied to your dog’s collar, is one of the natural repellents that many people find effective.

Because fleas cannot attach to hair shafts, they fall off and drown in the water. A good soak in a tub of water will remove the majority, if not all, of the fleas on your pet.

Citrus has also been shown to repel fleas. A freshly squeezed orange or lemon can be rubbed onto your pet’s fur and licked off with no harm.

Using a gentle shampoo or a small amount of dish liquid, preferably one with a citrus base (fleas are repulsed by lemon and orange), along with thorough and regular brushing, will help to rid your pet’s body of fleas.

Reference for home remedies: PETA

Health Problems of Dogs in Rainy Season: Fungal Infection

A fungal infection develops in moist areas of the body, such as between the toes of the paw. It is distinguished by skin discoloration, discharge, or a foul odour. Minor cases can be treated with medicated baths, but severe cases necessitate more intervention. Because pets are susceptible to fungal infections during the monsoon, they must be kept as dry as possible. The paws must be properly cared for. It is the paw that comes into direct contact with viruses, bacteria, and fungi on the ground. 

Fungal Infection in Dogs – Symptoms

Coughing, fever, lethargy, loss of appetite, and weight loss are common symptoms; however, if the infection spreads to other parts of your dog’s body, other symptoms such as lameness, blood in urine, eye problems, skin lesions, and fever may appear.

Fungal Infection Treatment in Dogs

Antibiotics and topical anti-fungal treatments such as shampoos or ear ointments may be used to treat fungal dermatitis.

Home Remedies of Fungal Infection in Dogs

  • Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Rinse Your Dog
  • Apply the Coconut Oil Mixture to the Yeasty Area
  • Begin feeding your dog yeast-fighting supplements and foods. 

Reference for home remedies: Petcare

Intestinal Problems of Dogs in Monsoon Season

One of the most common health problems of dogs during the rainy season is intestinal problems such as diarrhea. There could be a bacterial, viral, or fungal infection in the digestive system of the dog or cat if it is accompanied by loss of appetite, vomiting, and fever. A dirty bowl is a common cause of diarrhea and intestinal problems in pets during the rainy season. A filthy bowl, like a filthy puddle outside, is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.

common health problems of dogs in rainy season

Dog Intestinal Problems Symptoms

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Appetite loss
  • Loss of weight
  • Constipation
  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Bloating\sFlatulence
  • abdominal distention and nausea
  • Belching
  • Regurgitation

Intestinal Problems Treatment of Dogs

It is critical to keep your dog hydrated after he has lost fluids due to diarrhoea or vomiting. A vet may recommend intravenous fluids to replenish electrolytes and hydration depending on the severity of your dog’s dehydration.

For infections, your veterinarian may prescribe medication and advise you to closely monitor the situation at home, ensuring that your dog only receives small amounts of bland food and plenty of water.

Home Remedies

  • Because it has anti-spasmodic properties, ginger is one of the best home remedies for your dog’s vomiting and upset stomach.
  • You can add apple cider vinegar to your dog’s drinking water. It contains carbonation and can help settle upset stomachs. 

Respiratory Diseases, One of the Most Common Health Problems in Dogs During Rainy Season

During monsoons just like humans, dogs can also get respiratory diseases that includes sneezing, difficulty in breathing and coughing too. One way to keep pets safe from these diseases during the monsoon season is to keep them clean and dry. Pet owners may bathe their pets on a regular basis, but they must protect their pets’ health by thoroughly and properly drying their fur and paws. It’s also a good idea to keep your pet’s toys and bowls clean.

Respiratory Diseases Symptoms in Dogs

  • Coughing.
  • Breathing is difficult.
  • Coughing causes gagging.
  • Congestion in the nose.
  • Practice intolerance.
  • Fainting.
  • Wheezing.
  • Blue gum trees

Respiratory Diseases Treatment in Dogs 

Antibiotics, bronchodilators, and chest physiotherapy are all possible treatments. 

Dog Care: Respiratory Diseases Home Remedies

  • Heat it up. Increasing the humidity can make it easier for your dog or cat to breathe, just like it does for humans! …
  • Take care of a cold. Pets’ sense of smell is dulled when they have a stuffy nose.
  • Wipe away runny noses…
  • Maintain your pet’s hydration.
  • Rest, rest, and even more rest…
  • Combine them. 
dog health problems in rainy season

Reference for home remedies: HealthyPaws

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