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The cucumber is a healthy green color vegetable that has high water content and can be eaten raw. A good source of vitamins and minerals it keeps us fit and healthy. People eat cucumbers in salads and sandwiches as it is low in calories and has so many nutritional benefits. 

Nutritional Value

Cucumber nutritional value as per 100g:-

  • Calcium – 16 mg
  • Magnesium – 13 mg
  • Potassium – 147 mg
  • Sodium – 2mg
  • Vitamin C- 2.8 mg
  • Carotene – 45 µg
  • Vitamin A – 105 IU

Cucumbers are Good to Keep our Body Hydrated 

Our body needs water to perform the majority of its function like temperature regulation and transportation of nutrients or waste products. Eating more cucumbers especially in summer is quite healthy as the body is prone to dehydration during that time of the year. (Source)

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Health Benefits of Kheera: It Helps In Detoxification

You must have tried many detoxifying drinks but must have found that nothing beats cucumber. Good thing is, being rich in antioxidant, cucumber works amazingly well when it comes to detoxifying the body from toxins. They support the digestive system by cleansing the liver, the detoxifying organ in our body. Cucumber juice helps the body to flush out toxins through urine. It also flushes out unnecessary fat.

Cucumbers Can Bring Down Your Blood Pressure

It is a proven natural medicine for controlling blood pressure because of its high potassium concentration. It is an electrolyte that eliminates extra salt from the body which is the actual cause of high blood pressure.


Eating Cucumbers Can Prevent Cancer

The nutrient rich green vegetable contains both, cucurbitacin and lignin. Now these compounds play an important role in averting the spread of cancerous cell onto other parts of the body. (Source)

Cucumbers Are A Great Source Of Antioxidants 

Cucumbers are rich in antioxidants like flavonoids, and lignans which prevent and repair the cell damage that leads to illness. They guard the cell and reduce the inflammation associated with arthritis and fight against free radicals that are known to aid chronic conditions in body and also speed up the aging process. 

Cucumbers Health Benefits: It Aids in Weight Loss

This vegetable is low in calories – a single cup of cucumber contains 16 calories. Besides, they are high in water content. These two combination plays an important role when a person who wants to lose weight adds cucumber in their daily diet.

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cucumber helps in weight loss

Cucumbers For Constipation and Healthy Bowel Movement 

Often when the body isn’t hydrated well, there causes irregular bowel movements. The reason? Dehydration changes the water balance which make it difficult for our body to pass stool. Cucumbers promote hydration as they have high water content. They can also enhance stool consistency and prevent constipation. Besides, cucumbers are rich in soluble fiber such as pectin which normalize bowel movements.

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