depression in teens
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According to a 2021 UNICEF report, 1 in 7 persons aged between 15-24 years of age feels depressed or has little interest in doing things. Going by the latest available global figures, 1 in 7 adolescents between 10-19 years is projected to live with a diagnosed mental disorder. Also, the highest number of adolescents with mental disorders is observed in South Asia. Yes, depression in teens is a reality though it might not be obvious.

Besides, as a parent, have you ever wondered whether your unhappy or irritable adolescent might actually be suffering from teen depression? Do you see noticeable changes in their behaviour? If you are a concerned parent and are worried about depression in your child, here are a few signs that might indicate that your teen might be actually suffering from depression

Loss of Interest

When teens lose interest in things that they enjoy and/or are passionate about, it is a red signal. Although it is difficult to comprehend at the start, if things continue for 2-3 weeks, it can be a sign of depression in teens. Loss of joy, dampened emotions, and struggling with motivation can further indicate that your teen might be in despair.

Reckless Behaviour

Although few risky behaviours can be a part of normal growing up, the reckless behaviour and the intensity with which it is done can be a sign of teen depression. They might feel that their lives don’t matter and might participate in high-risk activities such as reckless driving, drinking, drugs and other substance abuse.

Aggression: Sign of Depression in Teens

Yelling, cursing, or any other type of verbal aggression that can make them threaten people is a huge red signal. Slamming doors, hitting walls/furniture or breaking objects is a sign that they are mad, angry and/or sad/depressed. Self-destructive behaviour like headbanging, cutting, scratching, and burning means something really is wrong and your teen needs help.

Joking About Suicide

It is not dark humour but a cause of concern. Oftentimes, your kid might be joking about killing themselves instead of asking for help. They might be in inner pain and suffering inside. Never take a joke about suicide in a lighter way because there might be some underlying cause of worry and apprehensions.

Skipping School/College

Depression can cause low energy and motivation, leading to poor attendance and grades. If your teenage son/daughter is skipping his/her school/college, you need to be attentive as your teen kid might be having social anxiety. One-two skip is ok but regular skipping is a huge sign of your kid suffering from teen depression.

These are some of the very first signs of depression in teens. If you see any one of the few signs, it is a serious cause of concern.

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