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Ayurvedic herb Gokshura, also called Tribulus Terrestris, is a small, leafy plant that is a member of the Caltrop family. The name of this plant is derived from two Sanskrit words, “Go” meaning cow and “Aakshura” meaning hoof, because the fruits resemble cow hooves. 

Gokshura, also called Goksuraka, Gokhuri, Gokshra, Devil’s thorn, Goat head, Small Caltrop, Gokharu, or Gokhri, is an essential substance used to treat urinary disorders, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), difficulties with the prostate gland, cardiac conditions, and renal issues. Gokshura has many health benefits, Additionally, it helps both men and women improve their muscles and have more libido and cognitive activity.

The fruit is known as Trikanta, or the Puncture vine since it is covered in strong thorns that may puncture a bicycle tyre. yes, there are many health benefits of Gokshura are-

Nutritional Value of Gokshura

Nutritional Components Gokshura Powder 

  • Carbohydrates (g/100g)      15.9 
  • Protein (g/100g)             1.3 
  • Fat (g/100g)                     0.52 
  • Total Energy (Kcal)                73.48 
  • Vitamin C (mg/100g)       14.2 
  • Total Flavonoids (µg/ml) 19.92 
  • Calcium (mg/100g)               59  (source) 

Therapeutic Uses of taking Gokshura

Antioxidant Property Helps In Improving Immunity

Antioxidant property helps In improving immunity

Antioxidant properties of gokshura have been shown to be helpful in improving immunity, controlling diabetes, and treating diabetes-related issues.

Gokshura’s Anti-inflammatory Nature Helps In Treating Fistula And Piles:

Because of its anti-inflammatory characteristics, Gokshura is used to cure fistula and piles.

Gokshura Health Benefits: It Helps Against Ageing And Wrinkles 

Gokshura is said to postpone the beginning of ageing when used frequently.

Additionally, it helps with body fat loss, wrinkle prevention, and the preservation of muscle mass. (source) 

Gokshura Helps To Treat Acne

In addition to other dermatological conditions, it can be used to treat eczema, skin eruptions, skin irritations, and itching.(source)

Gokshura Also Contains So Many Other Medicinal Properties. 

  • Body building properties 
  • Aphrodisiac activity 
  • Diuretic activity 
  • Hypotensive  
  • Anti-obesity  
  • Anti-hair fall properties

Gokshura Health Benefits

Benefits Of Gokshura For Body Building

 Gokshura is a natural way to create strong muscles because when taken in the right amounts, it gives the body the nutrients and minerals it needs.

How Gokshura Benefits In Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome:

In modern times, PCOS is a fairly common disorder. Regular use of the powerful diuretic Gokshura churna helps the cyst lose extra water, which shrinks its size.

Additionally, it supports the enhancement of female reproductive organs, the development of eggs into follicles, and the maintenance of hormone levels in the blood.  

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Gokshula Benefits In Treatment Of Libido:

Gokshura churna’s aphrodisiac effects help lower mental stress and anxiety while also promoting testosterone production to boost libido.

It increases both male and female fertility and encourages virility and strength in men.  

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Gokshura Can Be Helpful To Treat Joint Pain Problems:

Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis can be treated with the churna due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, which are beneficial in lowering pain and inflammation.

Using Gokshula May Improve Brain Functioning 

The traditional remedy Gokshura churna has been shown to have positive effects on brain function.

The potent antioxidants in Gokshura aid in enhancing people’s memory, focus, tranquilly, and alertness.

Regular use of the powder has been shown to improve cognition in a variety of ways, including memory, reasoning, problem-solving, and other cognitive abilities. It is also particularly successful in treating psychotic diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.  

Gokshura Aids Digestion: 

It has been found that the digestive properties of Gokshura churna are especially effective in enhancing digestion. By encouraging the release of digestive fluids, promotes digestion and boosts the absorption of vital nutrients. Along with minimising fluid retention, it also tackles the signs and symptoms of stomach pain, distension, ulcerative colitis, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Precautions You Should Take Before Using Gokshula

  • Gokshura usage during pregnancy may be detrimental if you are nursing a baby. It can be detrimental to the baby’s growth. Consuming gokshura while expecting or nursing is not advised.
  • Prostate concerns, such as benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH) or prostate cancer, may be made worse by gokshura. Preliminary research suggests that gokshura can increase prostatic weight.
  • Gokshura has been demonstrated to reduce blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. As a result, the dosage of diabetes medications may need to be changed by the doctor.
  • Gokshura may cause blood sugar levels to change during surgery. Controlling blood sugar as a result could be challenging both during and after surgery. Gokshura should be stopped at least two weeks before to surgery as a result. 

What Are The Side Effects Of Gokshula

Gokshura side effects: According to the majority of studies, gokshura is safe to eat and has no negative effects. Gokshura has the ability to make men’s prostates bigger and upset their stomachs. Consult a licenced Ayurvedic physician before including gokshura in your daily diet, and use caution in the following circumstances. 

Some persons who use Gokshura may experience allergic responses such as stomach discomfort and rashes.

Chronic illness: Men and women with a history of prostate cancer or breast cancer should avoid taking Gokshura.

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