health benefits of amla - indian goosebery
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Are you aware that one of the most prominent medicinal berries originates from India? A super berry that’s sweet but a lot sour? The one that is the heart of Ayurvedic medicine and is also widely utilized in other forms of traditional medicines including Unani, Siddha, Chinese, and Tibetan medicine practices? So, you have probably known by now that I am talking about Indian Gooseberry popularly known as Amla or Awla.

An unparalleled antioxidant, Amla is full of medicinal attributes. Let’s check out and explore the multiple health benefits of Amla, the Indian Gooseberry. Jee haan, ek amla, anek fayde!

Have an Amla, Boost Your Immunity

Amla is a very rich source of vitamin C and it plays an important role when it comes to strengthening our immune functioning. No wonder, it was heavily subscribed during the Coronavirus pandemic. Besides, Amla is also known to build a defense mechanism against viruses and bacteria in the body.

Moreover, the super-rich berry rejuvenates tissues in the body and supports a healthy metabolism. A great antioxidant agent, it also prevents oxidation and helps in protecting the cell.

Healthy Benefits of Amla? It is Known to Purify Blood

Now that Amla contains a large amount of vitamin C the very intake makes our blood vessels go stronger and thicker. When amla in powder form is mixed with a tablespoon of honey or jaggery, it can act as a great natural blood purifier. Medically, having amla daily increases blood count and hemoglobin levels in the body.

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Regulates Blood Sugar Levels – A Must for Diabetic Patients

Amla helps to control blood sugar levels by regulating carbohydrate metabolism. Drinking amla juice every single morning keeps the blood pressure level under control too! Eating just one fresh amla can keep your blood sugar at a steady level. Adding a dry amla pulp powder to your diet can also lower your blood sugar level. So, amla can be a miracle ingredient to help maintain your blood sugar level and control it naturally at home. Yes, an amla a day let’s your sugar level lay…

Indian Gooseberry Benefits – Prevent Hair Fall, Improve Hair Growth

One of the health benefits of Amla is that it can prevent hair fall. Yes, girls, you heard that right! Rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, Amla possesses the capability to increase the circulation of blood through the scalp. Amazingly, regular use of amla in your diet as well as in your daily hair care routine can actually prevent greying.

So, if you want to seriously maintain rich black hair, make a habit to include amla in your diet. What’s more, it is also very effective when it comes to controlling the unwanted dandruff formation. Whether you use amla powder, amla oil, or slurp amla juice every now and then, they are going to act as a hair tonic, providing your hair with all the nutrients that it needs.

Improves Heart Health

Amla or Indian Gooseberry helps in reducing the risk of cholesterol, and high blood pressure and reduces inflammation associated with heart disease which in turn helps in preventing blood clots that may cause heart attack and stroke.  

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Amla is a Great Asset for your Daily Skin Routine

Adding amla to your daily skincare routine will not only give you glowing skin but will also keep your skin hydrated and healthy. Known for its anti-aging properties, you can mix amla powder with honey as well as yogurt and enjoy the benefits of an anti-aging face pack.

Moreover, by consuming amla juice with honey every morning, you get blemish-free and glowing skin. The vitamin C in amla helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles on the face – giving you shiny, glossy, and soft skin.

Amla Health Benefits: Improves Eyesight

Consuming amla and amla juice is an easy and inexpensive way to give your eyes the nutrients it needs. Amla juice is a natural remedy to improve eye health as it is a great source of nutrients, such as vitamins A, B, C, and D which are essential for eye health. Daily consumption of amla improves the eyesight, puffiness, redness of eyes and itching, and overall eye health. It also relieves the tiredness of the eyes.

So, if you suffer from eyesight problems due to working on laptops and computers or complain about weak eye muscles, go strengthen them with a booster shot of Amla, the super-rich Indian gooseberry.

These are some of the multiple health benefits of Amla. If you have ever used amla as a home remedy for your hair, eye, or skin or to boost your immunity, do share with us your views and experience in the comment section.

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