Pregnant Women Must Drink Coconut Water
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In India, coconut is considered to be a good luck charm for new beginnings, right? Interestingly, it is a healthy as well as a powerful charm for new life also. Didn’t your daadi ma or saasu maa insist on coconut water in almost all the trimesters of your pregnancy? Let’s check out why it is said that pregnant women must drink coconut almost every day or quite often

Coconut Water Is a Good Source of Nutrients that are Required on a Daily Basis

1 coconut give almost 240ml of coconut water that has the following nutrients (Source) –

40.8 mg of Calcium (4% of Daily Value)

509mg of Potassium (15% of Daily Value)

16.8mg of Magnesium (4% of Daily Value)

19.2mg of Phosphorus (2% of Daily Value)

45.6mg of Sodium (2% of Daily Value)

15g of Carbohydrate (5% of Daily Value)

Besides, now that it is water, this healthy juice is known to keep pregnant ladies hydrated by providing the necessary nutrients.

Fed Up of Morning Sickness? Coconut Water is Here to the Rescue

Do you wake up with that feeling of nausea and end up vomiting in the toilet bowl? Well, you are losing a lot of valuable electrolytes and this is so true for women suffering from an excessive form of morning sickness called hyperemesis gravidarum. But, hey, coconut water can actually make up for that loss because as mentioned above it is full of valuable electrolytes like magnesium, sodium, and potassium!

Get rid of morning sickness with coconut water

Why Pregnant Women Must Drink Coconut Water? Well, It Replenishes Lost Fluids

If you are throwing up a lot due to morning sickness, you are losing a lot of fluids and you might want to eat your favorite cookies thereafter to change the taste. However, if you sip coconut water you can do without those added sugars that might come in other beverages, juices and cookies.

coconut water benefits in pregnancy

Helps in Improving Immunity

Consuming coconut water daily has the ability to strengthen the immune system. It also has the ability to remove bacteria in the body that cause gum disease and urinary infections. As it is full of nutrients, this natural water will help you boost immunity and keep your defense mechanism on to fight against infections. for those who suffer from throat and bronchitis problems.

pregnant women can increase immunity with coconut water

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The Water Can Help Soothe Pregnant Women’s Acid Reflux

Although there is no scientific studies yet but many of the pregnant women have affirmed how sipping this water has helped them in soothing their reflux and also the pregnany related heartburn.

Coconut Water Comes With Nutrients that are Required for Prenatal Development

A lot of vitamins and minerals are required for the development of your growing baby and a coconut a day can help you get quite a lot of them. It provides you with calcium that is essential for bone and teeth formation, along with magnesium, potassium, and phosphorous.

Clears Up Your Skin

Staying hydrated is essential for healthy, glowing skin, and during pregnancy, you wouldn’t have much time to take care of your skin. However, when you consume coconut water the glucose in it energizes your skin. The vitamin C in coconut water makes collagen, which gives your skin much-needed elasticity.

pregnancy and coconut water

Are You Doing Pregnancy Related Yoga, Exercises? Coconut Water Can Be Your Post-Workout Drink

We have seen above that coconut water comes with a little sodium in it and so it becomes all the better than normal water when it comes to hydration. After any pregnancy-friendly exercise like swimming, walking, yoga poses, coconut water can play a vital role in rehydration – especially now that it contains some carbs and electrolytes.

pregnant women and coconut water post exercise

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Can Coconut Water Be Consumed by Pregnant Women With Gestational Diabetes?

Since coconut water is safe for people having diabetes, it can be consumed by pregnant women with gestational diabetes. However, it is better if you have that fresh green coconut water only and not the branded coconut water juices that are available in the market since it might have those added sweeteners that can be problematic in many ways.

While, it is said that pregnant women must drink coconut water every day, in such cases, it is always best to consult your doctor and then go forward because they know your history well.

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