what is sexual health and sexual wellness
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No matter how much we ignore to address this ‘topic’ or try to brush it under the carpet, the fact remains that sexual health and sexual wellness are important. After all, it is a significant part of our overall health and well-being – making it necessary to be understood much more than the surface-level understanding we might have about this area of health and wellness.

Then again, our sexual organs are as important as other organs of our body – heart, brain, liver, kidney, etc., since everything is interlinked. In addition, studies have found connections between different body parts and areas in the brain.

So, What is Sexual Health and Sexual Wellness?

According to World Health Organization, sexual health and sexual wellness is not just the absence of a disease or dysfunction but is a state of emotional, physical, and mental well-being.

Yes, it is not just about masturbation or intercourse but our overall wellness – how we feel in our own skin and how connected we are to ourselves emotionally, physically, and rationally.

When we talk about sexual health and wellness, it is not about talking about ‘sex’ but an absolute union of physical and mental well-being in accordance with one’s sexuality.

In fact, when it is viewed positively, it requires a respectful and affirmative approach to one’s sexuality, sexual relationships, and experiences that are not just gratifying but also free of pressure, compulsion, and/or obligation.

Maintaining Sexual Health and Wellness is Important for both your Physical and Emotional Health –

It Augments and Enhances Your Self-Esteem

When you work on sexual wellness you not only work on your body image but also on your self-confidence and poise. So, in the process, you tend to become much more confident. And as you are happy in your skin you tend to feel attractive – getting rid of all your insecurities and complexes. Improved self-esteem can take you places in your personal as well as your professional life. What’s more, you are going to enjoy physical as well as emotional intimacy.

It Develops Better Relationship with Your Partner

In order to have a healthy and fulfilling relationship, it is necessary that the partners not just have physical pleasure but also bond on an emotional level. So, when both the partners have access to the right information as well as knowledge about sexual health and wellness, they can easily communicate with each other on a deeper level – enhancing their relationship both on a physical and mental level.

It Keeps you Healthy and Fit

Sexual wellness is not just about pleasure but also about the health benefits it brings. When you are aware and well-informed, you can make better healthy choices – from protecting yourself from STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), unplanned pregnancies and even being aware of common health issues like fertility problems, erectile dysfunction, etc. Besides, it plays an important role in releasing happy and healthy hormones like oxytocin and enhances your mood by releasing endorphins.

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It Makes You Aware of Your Own Rights

Sexual justice is an integral aspect of sexual wellness. This indicates your right to consent, to have pleasure, and to be safe. A healthy and fulfilling sex life is knowing your rights in the bedroom. Also, when you feel heard, loved, and safe, you are more likely to feel uncomfortable.

Yes, sexual health and sexual wellness are important aspects of a healthy life. Giving attention to this part of your wellness means caring enough about your overall well-being while respecting your body’s physical, mental and emotional needs.