benefits of cloves
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Healthy spices like cloves are a great source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. In both traditional Chinese medicine and ayurvedic medicine, the use of cloves as a tonic has been utilized to boost the immune system, lessen inflammation, and improve digestion. Cloves were once thought to be as valuable as gold. The dried blossoms of the clove tree are what we call cloves. Cloves are still a vital spice that offer many foods a unique flavor today.

You can use whole or ground cloves. To add complexity and taste to a wide range of foods, people frequently use whole cloves in recipes as well as ground cloves in spice blends. These tiny dark-brown pods are used in curries, meats, sauces like Worcestershire sauce, and even spiced baked goods to add taste. They also offer some remarkable health advantages. Let’s check out the various health benefits of cloves, the facts about the spice along with other valuable things.

Nutrition And Nutritional Value Of Clove

Clove nutritional value per 100g are as follows (Source):

  • Energy 274 kCal
  • Protein 5.97 g
  • Dietary Fiber 33.9 g
  • Calcium 632 mg
  • Iron 11.8 mg
  • Magnesium 259 mg
  • Potassium 1020 mg
  • Phosphorus 104 mg
  • Zinc 2.32 mg
  • Manganese 60.1 mg
  • Selenium 7.2 µg
  • Vitamin C 0.2 mg
  • Vitamin A 8.82 mg
  • Vitamin K 142 µg
  • Folate 25 µg

Health Benefits Of Cloves

The beta-carotene (45 µg in 100g) found in cloves contributes to their rich brown color. The pigments in the carotene family serve as provitamins and potent antioxidants. Carotene pigments can be converted into vitamin A, an essential nutrient for maintaining the health of your eyes.

Clove Helps To Reduced Inflammation

Numerous chemicals found in cloves have been associated with anti-inflammatory activities. The most significant of these substances is eugenol. Eugenol has been demonstrated to lessen the inflammatory response in the body, lowering the risk of diseases like arthritis and assisting with symptom management.

Cloves Benefits: It Possess Fewer Free Radical 

Eugenol is a strong antioxidant as well. Antioxidants are abundant in cloves. Your body uses these substances to combat free radicals, which harm your cells and can cause disease. The antioxidants in cloves can lower your chance of developing heart disease, diabetes, and several malignancies by eliminating free radicals from your body.

Cloves Can Improve Liver Function 

Better liver function may also be encouraged by cloves. There is evidence from some studies that the clove compound eugenol can lessen the symptoms of fatty liver disease and liver cirrhosis. The overall function of the liver may also be enhanced.

Health Benefits of Cloves: It Promotes Digestion

By promoting enzyme secretion and boosting digestive motility, cloves enhance digestion. The best uses for cloves are to relieve nausea, dyspepsia, stomach irritation, and flatulence.

Cloves and Diabetes

People who have high blood sugar levels should avoid cloves. Cloves enhance insulin sensitivity, which helps insulin work more effectively, according to research.

Clove Benefits: The Spice is Good For Bones And Joints

The hydro-alcoholic chemicals found in cloves, such as eugenol and flavonoids, assist in enhancing bone density and mineral content in bones. Cloves are beneficial for those who suffer from osteoporosis and weak bones.

Cloves Boosts Immune System

Eugenol, a miraculous component found in cloves, is highly powerful against a variety of dangerous bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Cloves lose some of their antiviral and blood-purifying properties.

Cloves Relieves Toothache

Due to its germicidal qualities, clove oil is a successful treatment for dental pain, toothaches, sore gums, and mouth ulcers. Clove oil has been authorized as a dental anesthetic, according to the American Dental Association.

Side Effects Of Clove

Apart from the various health benefits of cloves, it has few side-effects as welll. For instance, clove oil can have dangerous side effects even in tiny doses, including seizures, liver damage, and fluid imbalances. Bleeding disorders: Eugenol, a substance found in clove oil, is thought to reduce blood clotting. If you have a bleeding issue, taking clove oil could make you bleed.

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