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Imagine the heart-wrenching scene of a 5-year-old son losing his father—a devastating void that can never be filled. Picture the anguish of a widow mother losing her precious son, a pain that cuts deep and lingers for a lifetime. These are the unimaginable sorrows that have befallen Wasim Shaikh, a 39-year-old man from Nerul, Navi Mumbai, India whose kidney has shrunk to unexpected levels, is in the final stage of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and is now in an urgent need of Rs. 12,00,000 (Rs 12 lakh) for kidney transplant for which he seeks crowdfunding.

Wasim is Undergoing Dialysis and Is In Need for Kidney Transplant

Wasim’s health hangs in a delicate balance. Three days a week, he undergoes dialysis, a tiring and demanding process that drains him both physically and emotionally. With no one to accompany, he travels to the hospital every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from Nerul to Panvel in a local train all by himself. Despite the provision of free dialysis under the Pradhan Mantri National Dialysis Programme and discount on injections and dialysis, the monthly expenses on dialysis goes around Rs. 10,000. Imagine the situation of the house when the sole breadwinner of the family spends 3 days of the week in dialysis!

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This is not all. Day by day, his health deteriorates further, marked by dangerously high blood pressure readings of 180-200. The levels of creatinine, a key indicator of kidney function, rise alarmingly to 12.0—a silent reminder of the fragile balance between life and death. (Check reports). Time is slipping away, and with each passing moment, the hope for a brighter future grows dimmer.

Wasim Has a Donor, His 59-year-old Mother!!!

Wasim’s 59-year-old mother, a widow, has selflessly made the courageous decision to donate one of her kidneys to save her son’s life. She is undergoing tests on a daily basis which too attracts bills. Here is a scan of the initial tests that gives her the green signal to be a donor.

An Invitation for Humanity to Come Forward, Unite and Extend a Helping Hand to Wasim Shaikh

For Wasim and his family, Rs. 12 lakh is a huge amount. So, when Wasim approached Humanity First Foundation (HFF) of which he is also an active member, the NGO thought of HealthViews Online so as to start this social campaign jointly and raise funds necessary for Wasim’s kidney transplant.

The idea is to crowdfund and send each penny raised directly to Wasim and thereby eliminating the cost of commission, payment gateway fee or payment processing fee that medical crowdfunding platform usually charges.

Yes, a dedicated member of the Humanity First Foundation (HFF) who volunteered diligently throughout lockdown, now finds himself on the other side of the equation. It is Wasim’s turn to seek help, to rely on the kindness of others, and as a torch bearer of humanity, kindness, compassion, healthy and better world, it is our responsibility to join forces to raise funds for his life-saving kidney transplant.

This is a call to the world, an invitation for humanity to come forward, to unite, and to extend a helping hand. The power of collective empathy now becomes Wasim’s lifeline—a lifeline that can bridge the gap between life and death.

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Help Save a Life: Crowdfunding for Kidney Transplant for 39-Year-Old Wasim Shaikh

The story of Wasim Shaikh can be a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, the enduring power of love, and the strength that can be found in the embrace of a community. It is a plea for compassion and understanding, a plea for strangers to become beacons of hope in the darkest of times.

In this journey, Wasim and his family believe that they are not alone. They hold on to the belief that somewhere, in the hearts of kind-hearted souls, lies the power to rewrite their story. They hold on to the flickering flame of hope, praying for a miracle that can lift them from the depths of despair and restore their shattered dreams.

Crowdfunding for Kidney Transplant: The Aim is to Raise

Rs. 12,00,000 (Rs. 12 Lakhs)

Update: As on 15th July, Rs. 324,887 (~25%) has been raised

You can transfer any amount starting from Rs. 100 to Wasim Shaikh’s account directly

  • Account Number: 60370617149
  • Account Name: Mohammed Wasim Shahikh
  • Bank: Bank of Maharashtra
  • IIFSC: MAHB0000976
  • For Overseas Donation – SWIFT Code – MAHBINBBVSH
  • Branch: Nerul East
  • Or through GPay: 8828753228
  • Mention Remarks: ‘Your Name’ #GetWellSoon

Every penny raised through HealthViews platform via HFF volunteers will be shared here along with the progress in Wasim’s walk towards the kidney transplant. So, be a Hero in Wasim Shaikh’s Life Story. Help us raise funds for his life-saving kidney transplant. Yes, every contribution counts in this journey of love and resilience. #SaveWasim #DonateForLife”

P.S.: Wasim Shaikh is undergoing the process of his kidney transplant in K.E.M Hospital while his dialysis is being done in Panvel. To know more about the condition he is suffering and to spread awareness about the health problem.

Making an Impact – A Glimpse of Students at Golden Sparrow Academy BrainStorming for Crowdfunding for Wasim

Update: As word reaches through and Humanity First Foundation, the army of Health Warriors expands, and in comes the team of Young and empathetic souls at Golden Sparrow Academy, a homeschool in Nerul along with their teachers and principal participating in their own way to Save Uncle Wasim as he battles for his life.

Here’s a heartful note by one of the students as they reach out to donors in their own way –


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Disclaimer: HealthViews Online do not earn any commission or incentive from this social campaign raised for Wasim Shaikh. It is purely to support his fight for life as he awaits a life-saving kidney transplant. And we know, together, we can make a difference….

Update: As of 15th July, Rs. 324,887 has been raised